Digifast Nightfall NF24 RGB Gaming Mouse, Symmetrical Design, 50 Million Click Durability, 8 Programmable Buttons, Dynamic DPI Switching, Customized Color, DPI


Symmetrical Design - With the same amount of button on each side and a symmetrical shape, users can operate the mouse comfortably with either hand.

Customize the Look - Digifast Nightfall software allows you to create custom color profiles with 16.8 million RGB colors to make it match any setup.

Control the Precision - Digifast Nightfall series allows gamers to seamlessly control the DPI with a push of a button. Easily swap weapons and precision directly from your mouse.

Dominate your Enemies - With 8 programmable keys, you can create macros for any in-game needs giving you the upper hand in every battle.

Digifast N24 Nightfall RGB Gaming Mouse with packaging

Digifast Nightfall NF24 RGB Gaming Mouse, Symmetrical Design, 50 Million Click Durability, 8 Programmable Buttons, Dynamic DPI Switching, Customized Color, DPI

NF24 Optical Gaming Mouse

16.8 Million Colors

Quick-Shift DPI

50 Million Clicks

PMW 3360 Sensor

Customized, ultra-high speed DPI performance up to 12000.

NF24 Mouse Button Diagram

Left Key
Right Key
Wheel Key
Forward Key
Forward Key
Back Key
Back Key

50-Million Click Omron Switch

The Omron switches on both buttons provide the most comfortable experience with crisp, tactile responses at your fingertips. The switches are also engineered to guarantee an extended lifetime of over 50 million clicks.

High-Speed Switching from 100 to 12000 DPI

Switch between 7 different DPI settings with a single click, a necessity for FPS.

Top-Tier Responsiveness

The 1,000Hz polling rate provides you with a delay-free response speed and super-smooth gaming experience.

Eight Functional Buttons

These eight programmable buttons provide conveniences such as quickly switching DPI and executing macro commands. 

DIGIFAST Exclusive Personalized Software

DIGIFAST exclusive software allows you to fully customize and control everything! Write custom macros, personalize settings and adjust RGB lighting effects as you like. 

Symmetrical Design

The buttons are arranged symmetrically and can

easily be manipulated by the left or right hand.

LED Light Effect

Choose lighting from a palette of 16.8 million colors to match your style.

500 dpi

Dynamic DPI Button

The NF24, with dynamic DPI (500/1000/1500/2000/4000/8000/12000),

allows you to quickly switch in game and help improve reaction time.

Mouse Sensor PMW3360
Dimensions 124x64x38mm
Resolution 500-12000 DPI
Frame Rate 12000 FPS
Acceleration 50 G
Tracking Speed 250 IPS
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Switch Life 50 million clicks
Cable Length 1.8 m
Programmable Keys 8
Interface USB 2.0
Weight (excluding cable) 100 g

**For more detail on the specs sheet please contact info@digifast-usa.com

Q1. Can the DPI adjusted on the mouse?

Yes, users can choose between 6 or 7 levels of DPI.

Q2. Can I choose the DPI for each setting?

Yes, the DPI values for each of the 6 or 7 levels can be set between 500 and 12000.

Q3. Can the RGB colors be adjusted?

Yes, Digifast Mouse Software allows users to fully customize the RGB colors as well as the pattern and speed.

Q4. How long is the cable?

The braided cable is approximately 180cm (71 in).

Q5. Can I program macros for the hotkeys?

Yes, the Digifast Software will allow users to run complete custom scripts at the touch of a button.

Q6. Do I need to use a mouse pad?

Technically no but you should always use one for the best response.

Q7. How long are the switches designed to last?

Digifast mice are tested for 50 million clicks.

Q8. Will this mouse work for a left-handed person?

Yes, the mouse is built symmetrically so either hand will feel comfortable.

Q9. How much does the mouse weigh?

The NF24 weighs 150g.

User Manual:

TitleRBG Gaming Mouse User Manual


TitleDigiFast NF24 Gaming Mouse Software