Digifast Commander Series Gaming Wireless Controller, 10-Hour Rechargeable Battery, 1-Million Button Presses


Digifast Commander Series Gaming Wireless Controller, 10-Hour Rechargeable Battery, 1-Million Button Presses

Professional performance meets your all requirements.

360° high accuracy stick

Dual vibration feedback design

Changeable D-pad
2 extend buttons on the back side

Interchangeable D-Pad

CMD77 gamepad includes 2 D-pads. Gamers can change the D-pad according to the different type of game to achieve the best gaming experience.

MACRO setting

The exclusive MACRO extend buttons on the backside of CMD77 gamepad allows you to easily set the MACRO modes! It lets you choose the skills more precisely during the battle.

Precise Gaming High-Speed Experience

Response to hand movements quickly. A variety of function keys can meet the needs of more button requests.


Need to use with the Octopus app.(Not included)

 10 Hours Battery Life

Built-in rechargeable Li-ion Battery, life of the battery is up to 10 hours each charge.

1 Million Clicks 

Upgraded button material with 1 million times switch life. 

Multiple Platforms Supported

Android phone

PC gaming

Switch Bluetooth

 Dual Mode: Wired/Wireless

It provides wireless and wired modes. Players can switch the modes between wired and wireless modes according to their needs to enjoy the game.

Multiple Platforms Supported

CMD77 product X1

USB cable

changeable D-PAD
Mobile phone holder
Dual Wireless Technology Bluetooth connection for Android, NSW with receiver or cable for PC, PS3
Mode Display RGB LED indicators
Illuminated Action Buttons  A, B, X, Y
Feature 8 way Direction Pad with dual analog mini sticks
Induction Built in motors for vibration function (NSW, PC, PS3) and sensor function (for NSW) 
Back Expansion Remap function for 2 extend buttons on the back side
Built in Battery  700mAH

**For more detail on the specs sheet please contact info@digifast-usa.com

Q1. How long does the battery last?

The battery will last approximately 10 hours.

Q2. Will this controller work with Mac?

No, it will only work with PC and Android

Q3. Does this controller work with Steam?

Yes, ensure that the controller is properly connected with your OS. Afterwards, it will register with Steam.

User Manual:

TitleCMD77 User Manual

CMD77 Firmware Update:

Title CMD77 Firmware Update
Instructions1. Ensure that the controller is disconnected from the PC and powered off
2. Execute the update program
3. Press and hold the L3 (left analog stick) button on the controller and connect it to the PC
4. Click the Update Firmware button in the update program
5. After the update is completed, the controller will automatically restart to complete the update process