The Importance of Keeping Your PC Cool

A person installing a fan in a computer.

When you go for a run or perform some other strenuous activity, your body starts to heat up as a byproduct of this exertion. In a similar way, your computer generates heat as its internal components work to perform the operations you give them. The more complicated and immense the task, the more heat will result. Video games require your computer to function at a high level and can cause it to heat up quickly. This in turn can hinder your play experience. In this post, we’ll go into the importance of keeping your PC cool and how to do so.

Why High Heat Is Bad

It’s a widely held belief that you shouldn’t let your computer overheat. But why exactly is overheating so bad? Well, PCs have many delicate parts that can easily become damaged when exposed to high temperatures. In the short term, extreme heat can get in the way of your gaming because it will slow down the PC and possibly cause it to shut down. The reduced speeds and forced shutdowns are a sign the computer is reaching a danger zone and that its safety systems are activating to keep it from being subjected to irreparable damage. When repeatedly heated up, your computer can eventually cease functioning altogether as its components melt or break apart.

Cooling Systems Used in PCs

Knowing the importance of keeping your PC cool, you’re probably curious as to what PC designers do to counteract the heat that computers emit. The main cooling systems that exist are meant to act upon the CPU and GPU. One system that you may see is an air system, which uses a fan placed on top of the CPU or GPU to blow cool air on the component while it runs. The other is a water system, wherein water flows through tubes that are placed next to the computer parts. The heat that the components emit is absorbed by the water within the tubes and moved away with a pump connected to the tubes.

In addition to these, most other PC parts have heatsinks attached to them that take in and serve to disperse the heat they generate. Heatsinks are often made of metal sheets that stand upright in rows. They can work together with fans and the air ventilation in the computer to increase their effectiveness.

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