Essential Accessories Every PC Gamer Needs

16 April , 2020

Essential Accessories Every PC Gamer Needs

If they’re just using their computer for basic functions, like surfing the web or writing in a word processor, people can get by with a basic setup. However, if you’re a gamer, you’ll probably need additional equipment to make your playing go more smoothly. Some items help you to reach your peak performance in highly competitive environments, while others provide features that make your gaming experience more enjoyable overall. We present you with some essential accessories every PC gamer needs in this list.


Headsets have a variety of applications that can make a huge difference for you. For one, you can reach a new level of immersion in many games when you have the soundscape coming through the headset in high quality without outside noise detracting from it. You might simply want to dive into the world you are interacting with further, or you may want to face the full impact of the adrenaline-rushing scares you get in a horror setting. There are also moments in some action games where you can anticipate oncoming foes by the subtle sounds they make, which you might miss if you only use a speaker.

More than this, a headset is instrumental in establishing communication between team members and friends who are playing together online. You can hear more clearly what others are saying and speak with the built-in microphone in your headset.

Electric Air Duster

With so many small grooves between keyboard keys and other small components in your computer, you need a way to clean out the dust and dirt effectively to ensure that everything is working properly. Although compressed air cans are popular for conveniently blowing jets of air into tiny spaces to clear them out, they don’t just shoot out regular air. The gas contained within them includes difluoroethane, trifluoroethane, and tetrafluoroethane. These are potentially hazardous if you breathe them in, and they are also known greenhouse gases.

By getting an electric air duster instead, you can still use a tool that performs the same useful function as the compressed air cans but without the drawbacks. An electric duster blows normal air and isn’t disposable the way compressed air cans are. It’s more like a reverse-vacuum that you plug and use when you need it.

Cable Ties/Sleeves

Cables are an unavoidable part of a computer, and they can quickly multiply in number as you add more to your gaming arrangement. Despite their necessity, though, you shouldn’t settle for a chaotic sea of cords that you get tangled in and trip over. Obtain cable ties and/or a cable sleeve to tidy the cables running out from the front and back of your PC. With them, you’ll finally have a neat setup that’s easy to navigate if need be. It won’t cost you much at all to do so, either.

Gaming Chair

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting down while you game, a well-designed gaming chair is understandably helpful. Many models on the market today have ergonomic designs that fit the natural shape and movements of your body. They also provide enough cushioning on the seat, back, and neck area to keep you comfortable enough to focus your attention on the game and not the aches you have from a bad seating arrangement.

Game Controller

Depending on the game you’re playing, you may need to have a game controller to use instead of a keyboard and mouse, so it’s good to have one at the ready. Think of racing games or titles that have been ported over from a console. These may not feel right without a controller, and it could affect your ability to play as well. A controller can be held in any position and can vibrate to indicate certain actions or happenings in the game. You’ll be glad you have a controller that you can connect to your PC when the time comes that a game calls for it.

Gaming Mouse

The advantages of a gaming mouse are many. Designed to move with minimal drag, they have greater speed and precision capabilities than a regular mouse. Gaming mice also often come equipped with extra buttons that you can customize to polish your play style. Gamers usually use optical mice or laser mice according to their preference.

Both mice shine light on the surface they are on, and a light sensor inside tracks their changes in position. Optical mice use LED light, while laser mice use, well, lasers. Note that with optical mice, you will need to have an opaque surface because the LED light can reflect and throw off the sensor. Laser mice work on just about any surface. On the other hand, laser mice are more susceptible to acceleration, which is when the mouse cursor on the screen moves out of sync with the physical movement of the mouse. Acceleration can manifest as jittering or mouse positioning jumps that throw off gameplay.

Mouse Mat

Having a mouse mat, or mousepad, as a part of your setup ensures that your mouse works optimally. As we’ve stated, this is especially important when you’re using an optical mouse, as the mat will provide the non-reflective surface that it needs. Just make sure that the mouse mat is dark, as lighter colors can also interfere with the sensor. When choosing a mouse mat, go for one with large enough dimensions so that you never run into a situation where you accidentally move your mouse off of it in the middle of a game.

Mechanical Keyboard

Common keyboards designed for general use are alright when you don’t have high demands for them, but they can quickly become insufficient for a gamer. Since the keyboard is such an integral part of your controls in many games, it’s no wonder why a keyboard devised with gaming in mind is an essential accessory every PC gamer needs. The type you should search for is a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are ideal because their keys can take on the higher volume, accelerated pressing that many games require, allowing them to last longer. Plus, you’ll get high-speed response time and keys that don’t affect surrounding keys in any way when pressed.

For example, Digifast RGB mechanical gaming keyboards have response times as fast as .2 ms and uses optical sensors in its keys to prevent the possibility of mechanical failure. It’s so ergonomic to keep you comfortable as you use it.

Accessories Every PC Gamer Needs