DIGIFAST is a professional gaming equipment brand in California, USA. Its parent company, U-Reach Data Solutions Inc, has been providing technological innovations and custom solutions for over 20 years. Through intelligent research and professional production capacity, we deepen the 3C, esports, and IT markets. We focus on developing high-quality and long-life products and provide consumers with personal storage devices, gaming peripherals, and bold innovative 3C technology products. The brand has been recognized by the industry and has pushed quality standards to become a trusted brand in the 3C technology and esports industry.

Passion for Technology

We established DIGIFAST to equip people with innovative technology. We develop with the best parts to design our products and back them with long-term warranties. We also assist customers whenever they may have any questions.

Brand Symbolism

Adhering to the belief of LEVEL UP YOUR EQUIPMENT and committed to enhancing the brand mission of equipment, the DIGIFAST LOGO design originated from an interesting story from Irish mythology, about the war bird called Badb (pronounced bəiv). Badb is a mythical animal that can change its appearance, it usually appears in battle in the shape of a crow. The logo design boasts fighting power with wild wings ready to fight at any time. Paired with breaking through a shield, representing innovation and development. The color palette uses enthusiastic red and white to correspond to each other with a sense of professionalism, embellished with black and gradient colors, showing texture and professional imagery. The DIGIFAST font design is inclined at 15 degrees, adding elements of speed, and creating an overall visual innovation.

Our Mission

The DIGIFAST brand’s main concept is LEVEL UP YOUR EQUIPMENT. We strive to provide the best technology and excellent, long-lasting product upgrades. We work hard to create products that meet customer needs, so that each customer can upgrade their equipment to enhance gameplay and experience the best technology has to offer.