Digifast is a premium brand born in California and powered by U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc, which presents the latest in gaming innovations. We seek out unique electronics, must-have upgrades, and the best gaming gear for individuals seeking power and performance in their PC equipment. Through clever innovation and capable manufacturing, we produce stunning products with an emphasis on quality and longevity. 

Why gaming?

The staff here are gamers at heart and have been playing long before Digifast ever came to fruition. We remember firing up those obnoxious modems to play battle.net until way too late, watching as it gave birth to MOBAs, and finally seeing Esports begin to stream globally.

When Digifast was coming together, we all agreed on the same general flaws with gaming equipment: the price often didn't match the quality, some parts were amazing but died long before they should, or if a product had an issue, finding helpful support was a nightmare. We formed Digifast for gamers so they can focus on gaming without having to worry about whether or not their equipment would endure. We seek out the best components to design our products, offer long warranties, and make ourselves readily available should gamers have any questions.

Why birds?

Our logos’ origin stems from Irish mythology in an interesting story about the warbird known as Babd (pronounced bəiv). Babd is a mythical creature that can shapeshift and often appears in the form of a crow above giant battles, inspiring fear or courage to the warriors fighting below. Digifast displays two different birds: one tranquil and peaceful, and the other poised and ready for battle. Often, we maintain these two modes of mentality, through everyday interactions we are calm. However, when the headphones go on, a new bird emerges, and we transform into something competitive and fierce.

Gaming Ventures

Esports has played a major role in our lives, and we wanted to give back as much as possible. We have sponsored a couple of tournaments and a few teams, and we hope to sponsor many more.


To keep our customers gaming without worry or interruption. We strive to deliver the best gaming gear possible. In the event of a question or concern, we will be standing by to get you back to gaming as fast as we can. Brilliant products with long-lasting performance gives you the perfect excuse to level up your equipment.